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MEPS Services

What We Do

Our highly skilled and experienced building services engineers offer substantial expertise and innovation across all market sectors.

Building Services Engineering

MEPS have talented, highly skilled and experienced building services engineers who offer substantial expertise and innovation across all market sectors.

We are experts in the design of building services installations. Our highly skilled and experienced building services engineers offer substantial expertise and innovation across all market sectors.

The building services systems within our design services include: –

  • Utility Services – Gas, Water, Telecoms, Data, Electric
  • Heating – District, Communal and Independent Systems
  • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation Systems
  • Air Conditioning and Comfort Cooling Systems.
  • Electrical Installations – Power, Standby Generation, UPS, Transformers
  • Lighting – External, Internal and Emergency Systems
  • Safety – Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control, CCTV Installations
  • Public Health – Hot & Cold Water, Above and Below Ground Drainage, SUDS.
  • Building Controls and Management Systems Including Energy Metering.
  • Lifts.

Low Carbon Design


Renewable Energy Design – Legislation and planning require the use of renewables. At MEPS we take a practical and informed approach that our clients have come to rely on.

Key to initiating our options and selection process, we implement passive buildings techniques to create buildings that minimise their environmental impact, in turn reducing their energy consumption and emissions and hence the extent of renewable technologies required.

MEPS designs for building services and renewable systems ensure the optimum balance between legislation, environmental requirements, and cost. We’ll advise you on renewable energy system sizing, selection, and integration of building services, from design concepts through to construction.


MEPS has built Up and in depth Knowledge of the following renewable technologies, including
the design and application.

  • Free Cooling/ Heating thermal store/exchange
  • Stand alone or roof mounted wind turbines
  • Photo Voltaic (PV) solar energy systems
  • Solar thermal hot water and solar collectors
  • Biomass heating and fuel storage systems
  • Combined heat and power (CHP or CCHP) including;
  • bio-fuel systems (central energy systems)
  • Ground and Air source heating and cooling
  • Renewable energy evaluations for planning applications
  • Energy strategies report – feasibility, scheme and detailed design
  • Renewable energy calculations for Home Quality Mark
  • Renewable energy systems design and specification
  • Renewable energy building integration
  • London Toolkit or Local Authority reviews
  • Carbon emission calculations for new and existing buildings
  • Technology cost reports, payback analysis and feasibility studies
  • Manufacturer option reviews

Thermal Modelling & Software


Understanding how design decisions influence energy consumption, carbon emissions and thermal comfort utilising industry recogonised software.


To fully understand the thermal performance of a building and its environmental impact, it’s essential that a detailed dynamic computer generated thermal model is undertaken. MEPS advises Clients, Architects, and Design Teams with regard to how design decisions influence energy consumption, carbon emissions, thermal comfort, daylight, overheating studies and other building performance metrics.


Steady-State and Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)


Our team of engineers can accurately simulate the thermal performance of a building taking due account of design, climate, and use utilising current and future CIBSE weather files. Building façades can be optimised and plant accurately sized to create efficient and comfortable buildings to live and work in.


Planning applications often require clients to demonstrate how the proposed building addresses their sustainability and low carbon agenda and meets Building Regulations, and this can be achieved through building thermal modelling.


Revit & BIM


Building Information Management allows us to offer our clients services with reduced waste and increased efficiency by unlocking the benefit of our software and technical investment.

Working together using a single model delivers greater collaboration between shareholders and enhanced trust through the sharing of data.

From inception to operation and construction, our teams employ BIM to provide our clients with predictability, scenario testing and sustainable construction while providing on site safety, construction management and asset management as an integrated process.


Dynamic Thermal and Simulation Modelling using TAS & or IES allows us to investigate:


  • Building geometry, including layouts
  • Building fabric performance
  • Façade design
  • Thermal comfort
  • Summer Overheating and solar shading
  • Natural ventilation, airflow and temperature
  • HVAC services installations – sizing and operation strategies
  • Artificial and daylight lighting design
  • Passive design strategies
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Occupancy profiles and building use
  • Building Regulation and Energy Compliance (Part L, EPC, BREEAM etc)




From inception to operation and construction, our teams employ BIM to provide our clients with predictability, scenario testing and sustainable construction while providing on site safety, construction management and asset management as an integrated process.


MEP Inspections & Validations

Our engineers can provide a broad spectrum of cost effective survey inspections and technical validation testing across multiple systems.

MEPS provides specialist services in respect to investigating Building Services Engineering systems that may have performance issues or in poor condition. We provide our clients with testing, design advice, and consultation.


We Offer The Following Testing & Validation Services: –

  • Air and Water Commissioning Validation
  • Plant Performance Monitoring
  • Automatic Control System Function and Error Testing
  • Drainage CCTV Survey Management
  • Buried Service Survey Management
  • Fault Finding and Investigation Reports
  • Critical System Testing
  • Intrusive Survey Analysis
  • Pipe Condition Sampling and Analysis


MEPS provides specialist advice, consulting and report production for the following: –

  • Technical Due Diligence Inspection & Surveys
  • Dilapidation Inspections
  • Pre-Acquisition Surveys
  • Vendor Surveys
  • Asset Data Capture
  • Production of Full Technical Reports and Redflag Reports.

Pre-Planning Consultation


Our Consultant Engineers provide a tailored service for pre-planning applications necessary to meet building regulation and local authority requirements.


MEPS develop project-specific sustainability strategies during the feasibility and planning stages. Our sustainability statements and pre-assessment reports demonstrate the environmental credentials of a proposed development.

The sustainability strategy is prepared in line with National Planning Policy Frameworks which underpins all Local Authorities Planning Core Strategies. Early implementation of our site specific sustainability statement helps to accelerate the local authority decision-making process.


Some of the benefits of an effective sustainability strategy include:


  • Improved profile and marketability of a development
  • Enhanced chance of successful planning application
  • Safer and healthier living and working environments
  • Reduction of construction stage risks
  • Reduction of building’s operating costs




Our sustainability consultants and Building Services Engineers provide a tailored service from feasibility to handover ensuring that sustainability is included at the very heart of the design from day one. This is combined with our building services engineering and renewable energy expertise to provide sustainable buildings for the future.We provide online Tracker tools for all BREEAM, CSH, and HQM assessments, allows the project team to stay up to date with the assessment status, access assessment criteria, and upload evidence required in a simple and efficient manner.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Consulting

MEPS Sustainable Engineering Approach

Sustainable engineering takes environmental engineering concepts to the next level by looking at the interactions between technical, ecological, social and economic systems and by avoiding shifting problems from one area to the other.

Sustainability means living well within the ecological limits of a finite planet. At MEPS our engineers find holistic and effective engineering solutions in order to mitigate our impact on the environment whilst meeting the needs of a growing human population.

Concepts such as life cycle thinking, industrial ecology and sustainable systems engineering are important elements in the education and work practice of our sustainable engineering solutions.

Our Services Include

  • Energy Statements and CO2 / Carbon emission reports
  • Passive Design Strategies
  • Renewable Energy Strategies
  • SAP and SBEM Certification
  • Water Efficiency Strategies; rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis for BREEAM HEA03 in accordance with CIBSE AM11
  • Adapting Buildings for Climate Change – CIBSE TM52 Over Heating Analysis
  • Daylight and Sunlight Studies
  • Indoor Air Quality Strategies
  • Studies of Pollution from Building Services
  • External Light Pollution Studies
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Life Cycle Costing & Analysis
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