Pre-Planning Consultation

Pre-Planning Consultation

Pre-Planning Consultation


Our Consultant Engineers provide a tailored service for pre-planning applications necessary to meet building regulation and local authority requirements.


MEPS develop project-specific sustainability strategies during the feasibility and planning stages. Our sustainability statements and pre-assessment reports demonstrate the environmental credentials of a proposed development.

The sustainability strategy is prepared in line with National Planning Policy Frameworks which underpins all Local Authorities Planning Core Strategies. Early implementation of our site specific sustainability statement helps to accelerate the local authority decision-making process.


Some of the benefits of an effective sustainability strategy include:


  • Improved profile and marketability of a development
  • Enhanced chance of successful planning application
  • Safer and healthier living and working environments
  • Reduction of construction stage risks
  • Reduction of building’s operating costs




Our sustainability consultants and Building Services Engineers provide a tailored service from feasibility to handover ensuring that sustainability is included at the very heart of the design from day one. This is combined with our building services engineering and renewable energy expertise to provide sustainable buildings for the future.We provide online Tracker tools for all BREEAM, CSH, and HQM assessments, allows the project team to stay up to date with the assessment status, access assessment criteria, and upload evidence required in a simple and efficient manner.

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