Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement


MEPS Consulting Ltd is committed to minimising the impact of the services installations we design on the environment.

MEPS Consulting Ltd designers are committed to: –


  • Incorporate into design team commercial decision making, and concept designs, and an awareness of environmental factors. In addition, to ensure that decisions about client expectations take proper account of environmental impact.
  • Meeting and where appropriate, but targeting to exceed the standards required by legislation.
  • Wherever viable and consistent with the client’s instructions, utilise materials and products from sustainable sources which are reusable or recyclable and produced in a way which minimises the impact on the environment.
  • Minimise wastage of office based materials through good working practices and to regularly monitor wastage levels.
  • Design systems which can be operated in an energy efficient manner, with easy to understand user controls and energy sub-metered throughout, to achieve end user awareness.
  • Identify opportunities to the client for recycling of waste materials and implement these in designs where viable.
  • Specify equipment and plant manufacturers who are committed to sustainable environmental improvement.
  • Require that all manufacturers specified identify any harmful processes and materials they currently use and where feasible secure their commitment to a phased elimination.
  • Taking due note of latest industry trends and legislation both local and national in environmental consideration and ensuring where practical that these are incorporated within services designs.
  • Ensuring that proper monitoring takes place on construction sites that environmental damage, destruction or nuisance to adjoining properties is avoided. In addition, monitoring the cleanliness of the site and ensuring that the contractor is taking all reasonable measures to
  • avoid pollution of the air, ground or waste by noise, fumes, dirt or disposal of construction materials.
  • Promote environmental awareness and understanding amongst all of the company staff to ensure that working activities are carried out in accordance with this policy.


MEPS Consulting Ltd have appointed a Director to be responsible for the implementation and further development of its environmental policy

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