Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


MEPS Consulting Ltd is committed to carrying out its business in a responsible and sustainable way and in doing so can bring lasting benefits to its clients and the community at large. MEPS Consulting Ltd recognises that our business doesn’t exist in isolation, and that our activities can have an effect on the environment in which we live. 

To this end MEPS Consulting Ltd endeavours to carryout it business and social activities to:-

  • Build a reputation as a responsible business.
  • Enhance our own reputation through the use of responsible suppliers and contractors.
  • Where practical utilise the products and services of local suppliers to support the local community and reduce energy consumption.
  • Understand the environmental impact of our business and seek ways to reduce waste emissions, and waste producing activities associated with our business.
  • Treat suppliers and contractors fairly and to deal with them in an honest and open manner.
  • Be open and honest with our clients. Including what we do to be socially responsible and safe guard the environment for future generations.
  • Provide suitable training and development to enhance the career and life opportunities for all our staff, and subsequently their families.
  • Recruit additional staff amongst the local communities, and provide career opportunities for aspiring youngsters. MEPS Consulting Ltd also recognises the benefits available to us as a practice and that of our employees by:-
  • Providing support to charitable organisation to which staff have close associations, and ties.
  • Support local community based groups and activities.
  • Sponsor local events and organisation which share our commitment and common goals.

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