A career with MEPS Consulting

At MEPS Consulting Ltd, we’re constantly evolving and striving for excellence. We’re looking for exceptional new talent that is dynamic, tenacious and ready to make a lasting impact on the next part of our story.

Through attracting and nurturing top talent, we’ve developed an environment that encourages ambition in all of our people. We’re a place where you can make rapid strides in your career, within an inclusive and inspiring culture.

We’re a growing practice with the client scale and diversity for you to enjoy fresh career challenges. You’ll play your part in our team, strengthening our reputation whilst having the space to be authentically you.

While not actively looking, at the moment, we would be interested to hear from anyone for these roles :

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Please use our Contact Form, we will then contact you to allow you to forward your CV in a safe and secure manner.

No Agencies, Please.

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Our Accreditations

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